Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Chanel Rouge Coco in 18 Rouge Noir Lipstick My eBay Prize

Stunning…sadly a limited edition that is no more…mine is from eBay….

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Urban Decay Naked on the Run Swatches and Review

I love it but am very biased…

Memebox Christmas Collection 1 Stress Free Holiday Unboxing and Review

Not for me…sorry…dress perfume?


Recipe By Nature Ice Cream Swing Gloss
Angel's Black Head Eraser Coconut
Dipodeur Dress Perfume
DD'ell Moisture Facial Mask Gold Kiwi
Neogen Don't Cry Armpits Deodorant
Shara Shara Glod Label Reescargo Cream

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Memebox 81 Next Best Thing in Skincare Unboxing and Review

Nice set…I don't agree with the pricing information but it's still a great deal...

1. Lassie’el Night Miracle Sleeping Pack 4g X 2eaFull size product: 4g X 2ea ($6)Randomly selected from Egg, Mango, Pearl Shell, Avocado
Product Description
Adorably packaged mini sleeping packs formulated with concentrated extracts from egg, mango, avocado, and pearl. They work to deeply hydrate and rejuvenate dry, exhausted skin overnight to reveal healthier and brighter complexion the next morning.
How to use
Remove the lid and use the spatula provided to mix the formula inside together and evenly spread the mixture all over face and neck. Go straight to bed without rinsing it off.
2. AHC Hologram Active Gen Serum 50ml
Full size product: 50ml ($89)
Product Description
This premium serum combines active aesthetic ingredients with a scientific liposome system that maximizes absorbance of nutrients deep into the skin, to give a visibly enhanced complexion. A blend of ice fig extracts, hydrolyzed collagen, and ginseng callus extracts effectively firms, brightens, and repairs dry, damaged skin, reviving youthful and healthy glow to the complexion.
How to use
Apply evenly to clean face. Pat it in for full absorbance.
(Best before November 14th, 2015)  
3. IASO Intensive Clear Conditioner 15 sheets
Full size product: 15 sheets ($12)
Product Description
Containing centella asiatica, aloe vera, licorice extracts, and BHA salicylic acid for softly melting away dead skin cells from the surface of the skin, IASO Intensive Clear Conditioner sheet is a new easy and convenient method to maintaining silky soft and even toned complexion.
How to use
Gently wipe all over cleansed face as the very first step of skin care.
(Best before June 15th, 2015) 
4. Blithe Patting Water Pack 5ml X 6ea
Full size product: 200ml ($46) 
Use EXTRA SAVINGS CODE: BLITHE4ME to get $2 off on full-sized Blithe Patting Water Pack
*Promo code offer valid until 31 December 2014
Includes Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey, Soothing & Healing Green Tea, Rejuvenating Purple Berry
Product Description
No need to stick on a sheet mask every night with Blithe’s all-new Patting Water Pack! Simply through patting on the water pack onto your skin, it’ll remove dead skin cells, deliver moisture & nutrition, and renew the skin balance for maintaining soft, moist skin condition. The Energy Yellow Citrus & Honey revitalizes and brightens up the skin and the Soothing & Healing Green Tea is for oil and pore control, while the Rejuvenating Purple Berry works to improve skin elasticity and firmness.
How to use
After cleansing the face, fill 1/4 of the basin with water. Pour in 1 lid-ful (use the lid of the product to measure; about 7ml) of the Patting Water Pack into the water and mix in well. Then repeatedly pat onto your face with the water pack for 30 seconds. Do not rinse off. Simply let it absorb into your skin.
5. Shara Shara Green Tea Seed Magic Balm 25ml
Full size product: 25ml ($17)
Product Description
Enriched with green tea seed oil, jojoba seed oil, argan tree kernel oil, and over 30 kinds of natural essential oil, this multi oil balm delivers rich moisture and nutrients by softly melting onto skin. It’s scented with a refreshing lime essential oil fragrance and can be used from head to toe as a multi cream, a sleeping pack, a massage cream, a lip balm, a highlighter, or a hand & foot pack.
How to use
As a cream, apply it directly to dry face, lips, body, etc. To mix it into your makeup routine, apply a small amount as a highlight or mix it in with base makeup to create a naturally glowing complexion.
(Best before July 18th, 2015)  
6. Dr.MJ Moisture Bounce Collagen Capsule Cream 50g
Full size product: 50g ($54)
Product Description
A rejuvenating facial cream formulated into bouncy, jelly-like texture packed with collagen capsules, hyaluronic acid, and adenosine to intensively hydrate and gently firm up sensitive and tired skin. It works to alleviate and nourish stimulated skin for a quick skin renewal as well.
How to use
Apply evenly to clean face. Pat it in for full absorbance. 

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Monday, December 8, 2014

Colourpop Lippie Stix in BFF, Bound and Dalia Review and Swatches

Pretty…I do like the eyeshadow better…but these are great at the price point!

Colourpop Eyeshadow in So Quiche, Bae and Girly Review and Swatches

Gorgeous!  And $5 each…but I got all shimmers...

Girly, Bae, So Quiche and I Heart This.