Saturday, January 30, 2016

Rimmel Kate Moss Bright/Tropical Lipsticks in 34, 35, 36, 37 and 38 Review and Swatches

34:  light white based bubblegum pink with yellow undertone.

35:  light lilac pink.

36:  medium pink based fuchsia.

37:  rich red coral.

38:  pink based nude, with a slight white undertone.

Tom Ford Starry Night Eyeshadow Quad Review and Swatches

A lovely quad for creating a smoky eye.  Too bad the blue is so patchy.

Shade 1: slightly metallic cool grey platinum

Shade 2: glitter in an almost sheer grey base.  Blue, pink and silver light cool shimmers.

Shade 3:  cool dove grey metallic shadow, a little bit of shade shifting happens.

Shade 4:  Navy with tiny micro glitter and a slight purple hint.  Slight sheen, and lightly metallic.  Blue, pink, silver micro glitter (barely there, but in sunlight).

Essentielle Beauty Simple Miracle Oil Face Cream

Hazelnut, Kukui Nut, Rosehip, Macadamia Nut and Jojoba oils.  Hydrating, anti aging, anti acne, radiance boosting, non clogging...amazing cream.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Chanel Perles Et Fantaisies Illuminating Powder Review and Swatches

Really perfect.  Honestly.

Finely milled, with a slight sheen closer to Guerlain's Meteorites than most highlighters.  The white is just that, a soft white that isn't metallic.  The pink is even softer and lighter, a lovely cool glow.  They're both so subtle I can't tell the difference on when I mix them.

Dior Glowing Gardens pink is warmer (peach/gold hint) and more metallic.

Camellia de Plumes is more metallic, silver, with a hint of warm gold.

Guerlain Meteorites is slightly more subtle.

With Meteorites summer 2015 (right)

Dior Glowing Gardens pink across the top, camellia de plumes on the left, the next 2 are perles, and the last two are Guerlain Meteorites Summer 2015.

Tom Ford Last Dance Eye Shadow Quad Review and Swatches

Shade 1:  warm orange yellow gold with slightly metallic sheen

Shade 2:  olive/bronze/taupe/fawn with metallic sheen

Shade 3:  shade shifting but not a full duo chrome.  Rich deep emerald green with a hint of forest.  Micro shimmer in vivid emerald, pink and light gold

Shade 4:  deep sky blue and lapis base and shimmer.  Looks light the ocean in sunlight

This palette is lovely but a little hard to use.  The shades tended to get muddy if not applied coherently.  Hear more and see what I mean in the video (and when done right, it is gorgeous).

The blue over the other shades (the last being the blue sheered out..shade varies with how sunlight hits it).

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Blush Palette Review and Swatches

Lovely, with some interesting finishes.  I bought a backup (rare for me these days).  But it might not work on all skin tones as it veers a little light.

Cherry:  light sheer pink, cool satin matte.

Easy: neutral.  A rich, deep pink with peach/gold shift in a matte base.

Angel:  gold peach highlighter.  Shimmery, but not too metallic.

Lofi: orange bronze, satin matte.  This works only as a blush on me.

Hush: metallic peach/gold/cool pink shift.

OC: my favorite.   Duochrome with pink/peach/lavender/blue.  Gorgeous.

Friday, January 22, 2016

Tom Ford Disco Dust Eye Shadow Quad Review and Swatches

The shimmer shade is silver/taupe and has that pigment in a sheer base look.  It's less harsh/striking than a cooler silver...but light.
The next shade is a copper fawn if that makes sense.  This and the other two have tiny micro glitter (the disco dust?) which add complexity and make them less boring...but it's very subtle.  I saw gold green pink and copper in this shade.
The third shade is a warm peach copper and as a slight metallic sheen.  I saw micro glitter in green pink copper and maybe blue and/or silver (very sunlight only).
The last shade is a blackened brown, and cooler than the 2nd and 3rd shades .  I saw hints of pink blue silver and maybe copper.  It is less metallic (though none are metallic...more a sheen to a satin) and is more a satin matte with sheen.  Great shade for doing a smoky brown eye.
Great neutral palette for every day or doing a smoky brown eye.  It's cooler, less metallic and a little less creamy than honeymoon.